Sunday, August 5, 2012


Ever been busy doing nothing? was my...(I've even lost count)...probably hundredth time.

Here I am in my room, thinking that I'm doing some 'homework', only to discover that I'm really doing NOTHING. The aim was to get my Setswana homework done. It was pointless. I got down to nothing!(lol)

"It's not my fault", I said to myself. Then I started convincing myself that the work was out of curriculum, it was not necessary(of course it wasn't). My friend joined me and started asking for translations. I gotta say, I'm a bloody good translator. I helped her do HER HOMEWORK when mine was a HOMEDRAGG.

I take Setswana as an additional language  at school. For the fact that it is my mother tongue makes it more pointless for me to study. I just don't understand why I should. Don't get me wrong, I love my  mother tongue. I just don't see the need for me to study it. English is even far worse. "Bloom's Taxonomy." I know you're probably going, "what the hell is that?" O_o. It's 60% high order thinking, 40% low order thinking.
"Kids, you've got to make those mincemeat minds of yours hard steak", my English educator often says.

Homework is just one of those tasks I do not excel in, especially if it does not contribute to my APS. Arrogant talk? Nope. Honesty? Hell yeah!!!